GroupPSM is a Portuguese group that operates in the national and international market, consistently aimed at the supply of labour, in the construction field (industry).

GroupPSM is specialized in the installation of ventilated facade systems and exterior and interior cladding, ensuring the exquisite workmanship of its professional practice.

GROUPPSM’s philosophy focuses on quality control, competence and efficiency of the services provided as these are the values that define our identity and which are contained in all installations carried out by us until today both locally and internationally.

GROUPPSM is committed to total customer satisfaction thus, ensuring a future and lasting relationship, assuring complete and perfect accomplishment of the projects idealised by our customers.

On this basis, we study each project that is presented to us in order to obtain the best solution based on customer needs and the requirements for each job and we develop strategies to meet the desired end goal.

In order to be successful in all the work carried out, GROUPPSM has teams of qualified, competent and dynamic professionals who work for us, fitting both the growing market needs as well as those of the company itself.

As far as team management is concerned, our ideal is to communicate and interact with our employees, in order to define priorities and work goals.

For this reason, we strive to meet the demands of the architectural and construction markets, improving and protecting facades, regardless of the harshest climatic conditions.